A potpourri of photos from the field and lab over the years.

Sampling in the mountains…….always a chance for snow! Lake County, CO.
Looking for a place to measure water chemistry in the Snake River. Summit County, CO
Groundwater sampling in the Upper Arkansas River Valley. Lake County, CO.
The sampling camp near the Deer Creek/Snake River confluence. Summit County, CO.
Stream discharge measurements in St. Kevin Gulch. Lake County, CO.
Surface water sampling at 11,000 ft amsl! Summit County, CO.
Sampling the Arkansas River with Mt. Massive as the backdrop. Lake County, CO.
Residential well sampling in a winter wonderland. Lake County, CO.
Teamwork at its best! Collecting a water sample in the Snake River after a snowstorm. Summit County, CO.
Trials and tribulations of filtering surface water with a 0.1um filter! Lake County, CO.
Pay heed to the stop sign! Montezuma, CO.
The colorful beauty of aluminum and iron oxyhydroxides in the Snake River. Summit County, CO.
Suspended iron and aluminum oxyhydroxides in the South Fork of Lake Creek. Lake County, CO.
Mine tunnel entrance with drainage. Summit County, CO.